Purchasing a print

How to purchase an image...

Thank you first of all for considering a purchase! Below are some details about the actual process of paying for and receiving your chosen image. I have sold some images privately and through another web site and thus far have received no complaints BUT…I know myself that if I print on my own printer certain colours do not match exactly what I am seeing on my screen. Professional printers are much better with this but should you not be satisfied with your purchase please do let me know within nine days of shipping and I shall return your payment in full on return of the print to me.

If you have seen an image here that you would like to purchase there are three sizes available – follow the links for payment and your order will then be shipped to you within 16 days. Unfortunately I can only offer Paypal but if you feel comfortable paying by cheque please let me know and that can be arranged – shipping will then follow clearance of the cheque. I cannot offer bank transfers I’m afraid as I had my hands burnt by a somewhat unscrupulous character before as a result!

All prints are supplied unmounted and will be sent inside a postal tube, by First Class Royal Mail. All prices are inclusive of postage and packing for the UK only. Please allow up to 16 days for delivery.

I use a highly efficient German printing company who have won many awards and who will print your finished image on Kodak Professional Colour Fast Endura paper. Some photos online are watermark protected and this will obviously be removed before being sent to you.

In almost every case the size you choose means you will receive the exact print as you see it on the screen. Occasionally you may lose a small part of the print – this is because I have already cropped it and as a result it is not a uniform size – if that is the case I will inform you and you can then choose whether to go ahead OR there may be other sizes available instead.

The company I use can supply a range of other options such as coasters, postcards, calendars mugs etc so if you require that option please let me know and I can quote you a price.
Thank you.